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StatPack Mark 22 - Introduction

as at 30th September 2022 


Hello and a warm welcome to StatPack Mark 23 which updates the last (September 2021) version by including marks achieved during the 2022 indoor and outdoor seasons.

Simon Kilminster compiled the first edition of StatPack over 25 years ago and although details from earlier years occasionally surface almost all the changes in this edition again come from performances from the current bunch of talented athletes who continue to rewrite these rankings almost as soon as they can be produced!

The indoor 2022 season was the first since 2020, as the 2021 season was cancelled due to the COVID lockdown from December 2020 to March 2021. It was therefore good to see indoor records fall this winter. Ridwan Salaam and Denzel Achi both broke the previous Under 20 60m sprint record, before Denzel settled the position with a new mark at the England Athletics Championships in February. Another Under 20 mark to fall was the 60m hurdles record as Jacob Blanc twice bettered the previous mark dating from 2013. US-based Tom Pitkin (Butler University) twice improved the club best mark for the rarely contested 600m, after breaking the club outdoor 400m best in summer 2021.

The first club record to fall outdoors in 2022 went to Jacob Blanc who at the Club Open in April added the club Under 20 Men’s 300m hurdles record to his indoor 60m hurdles record. After breaking the Under 17 Women’s 300m hurdles best last year Stephanie Okoro stepped up to the 400m hurdles and after breaking the Under 17 women’s record for the distance set a new club Under 17, Under 20 and Senior record. This mark earned selection for the European Under 18 Championships where she set a new UK age 16 best and Under 17 record to win the bronze medal, improving her club records also. 

Another hurdles record to fall was the Under 17 Women’s 80m hurdles best where the record set by Chloe Van Wulven (now Williams) in 2003 was broken twice by Paris King on her way to English Schools silver. Paris improved her record again in heat, semi-final and final at the England Athletics Championships with the fourth fastest time ever by a UK Under 17.

Two under 13 Boys records fell as Jacob Tomlinson improved the 75m best, which is now the standard short sprint in the Youth Development League, and Jaiden Twum set a new 60m mark, with ethe fourth fastest ever by a UK Under 13 Boy.


Finally, as more club athletes move through into the masters ranks those lists are being rewritten with Chloe Williams and Nina Brennan setting new W35 marks, Claire Brennan W40 marks, Rob Warner and Jason Lendon, M40 and M45 steeplechase marks respectively, Steve Rand (M50), Matt Bland and Mark Bishop (both M55) and Paul Berrett (M60) all setting new club age group marks.


Many other new marks have been added to these all-time lists and with a full competition programme, indoors and out, in 2023 we hope that many more revisions will continue to be registered.

As noted previously, the rankings include only performances for athletes who met the age definitions now in use – this means that a few long-standing under 17 boys’ marks no longer qualified as the athlete in question was too old under the current age groups. This happened because before 1964 an athlete’s age group was calculated as at 1 April prior to the start of the track season not as at 31 August, and also the statisticians used a 31 December cut off until 1970.  I have only included any changes that I have been able to find but it may mean that any marks for that athlete the previous season have been missed.

As usual, some observations on the contents, as follows.

  • Any new listings since StatPack 2019 are all printed in "BOLD" to make them more noticeable — the new additions in 2022 are highlighted in BLUE while those from 2021 are high in RED

  • Where an athlete’s best hand time is marginally better than their best electronic times I’ve included the electronic times as well where these are within the rankings limit.

  • As with recent StatPacks I’ve listed wind-assisted marks separately.  Debate will continue about whether some marks were or weren’t wind assisted – but where there is firm or good evidence of wind assistance (e.g. if the annual national rankings show it) I have listed marks as windy. Some other marks have come to light that are still unverified and I have included these here on that basis.

  • Javelin Senior/Junior Men’s marks have been included from 1986 only, when the new specification (800g) came in. For the U15 and U17 Women the new specification (500g) javelin came into effect on 1 April 2014. (The specification for U15 to U17 Women was previously 600g. For seniors the specification changed in 1999 and old pre-1999 specification rankings have been omitted)

  • Shot & Hammer: For the U15 and U17 Women the new specification (3kg) came into effect on 1 April 2014.

I have continued to use the following conversion criteria for historic marks.

Ø       100 Yards ‑ 100 Metres                                      100 Yards time plus 1.0 second

Ø       220 Yards ‑ 200 Metres                                      220 Yards time less 0.1 seconds

Ø       440 Yards/440 Yards Hurdles ‑ 400 Metres          440 Yards time less 0.3 seconds

Ø       880 Yards ‑ 800 Metres                                      880 Yards time less 0.7 seconds

Ø       120 Yards Hurdles ‑ 110 Metre Hurdles                Same as they are the same distance

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