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Our waiting list for membership is now open for applicants in school Years 6 & above.

Our pre-registration list for those in Year 5 who have had their 10th birthday is still open.

For details of how to register see HERE


The annual membership year starts on 1st April, irrespective of an athlete's joining date. The annual membership fee includes the current England Athletics registration fee (£17), and the club registers all active athletes with England Athletics.  Only paid up and registered members are eligible to compete, under UK Athletics rules.


Members of the club are required to compete regularly for club team events in either the track or cross country seasons in order for their membership to be renewed.

Membership fees 2023-2024:   

Seniors aged 21 and above

Juniors aged 10 -20

University Students 

(Full time - living away from home)

Coaches, Officials & Administrators
(non competing)

Coaches, Officials & Administrators  

Friends of Havering AC 

Competing life members       


* Includes England Athletics 2022 Registration fee (£16)

First claim







Season ticket









Track fees (payable each Monday & Wednesday session - please pay by card, not cash):      


Seniors - £3.00

Juniors -  £2.00

Athletes can buy a block of track fees - 11 sessions for the price of 10.

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